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Frequently Asked Questions
How does the process work?

We try to post our 'Weekly Specials' menu up on Wednesday (though sometimes it takes until Thursday due to other culinary events taking office time away) every week for delivery the following Monday through Thursday. The specials are up until Tuesday at noon, or while supplies last

When is delivery?

We deliver in the Tequest, Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens market Monday through Thursday every week (by 7:15 am). We deliver north of Tequesta to southern Port St. Lucie on Tuesdays and Thursdays (by 8:00 am). We deliver south of Palm Beach Gardens through Boca Raton on Mondays and Wednesdays (by 7:30 am).

How is the food packaged?

The food is packed in bio-degradable containers made from plant fiber that are oven, microwave and freezer safe.

How does the bag fee work?

We deliver the meals in an insulated bag with a couple of frozen gel packs and the cost for this is $7.00 per bag of 8 items. When you order again a second time, to will be charged a $7.00 fee again. HOWEVER, if you place your bag and gel packs from the previous delivery back out, you will be credited the first fee to your 'digital wallet' to be used on your following purchase. The system will continue to charge and credit you each week as long as you place your bag back out. If you forget, just put 2 out the next time and you will be credited for both of them.